Looking for a quick way to get caught up on my fantasy web serial? You found it 🙂 Here’s what’s been going on with our friend Ellsie: 


This is a world in which dancing has the power to create magical spells, but after a mysterious tragedy involving the destruction of a town called Laenin, both dancing and magic have been made illegal. Ellsie still dances in secret, and attempted to design a spell to identify other dancers. She was arrested for her spell, and while in jail she met another prisoner named Lester who claimed to also be a dancer. She tried to use her spell to identify him, and couldn’t. Just as Lester was dragged away by the guards, he told her that he knew what her spell was really identifying.

Now that she is out of prison, Ellsie is working with a girl named Denise who is trying to unravel what really happened in Laenin. In their research, Ellsie discovers that a picture of Lester in a paper almost 300 years old. When she finds and asks him about it, Lester says that he was part of the Laenin incident and has stopped aging since then. He explains that the people in Laenin weren’t killed. The souls of those people are hiding in ‘hosts’ and he has the ability to bring them back. In light of this information, Ellsie breaks Lester out of prison and they meet Denise at a cabin in the mountains.


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