Well, hello! 

You’re probably here because some random person named ‘Hannah’ interjected an opinion into my blog post. You were confused, but then you noticed her name was clickable, so you decided “Oh, what the heck?” 

Hannah Barbeck is my Alter-ego, though she also functions as a sounding board for ideas, a reality check, and the occasional pep talk. (Yeah, she’s fictional. And I talk to her. Don’t judge me.) Most importantly, though, she serves as mediator between me and my characters, since I don’t communicate with them directly, but still need to ask them questions sometimes.

If you hang around my blog long enough, you’ll see her interviewing characters, facilitating the fun activities I throw my characters into, and occasionally jumping into my more reflective posts to get me back on track. Most of the time, her comments will be in brackets. Like so: [Hannah: Yeah, Liv, I think they know what brackets are…]

Despite her typical first impression, Hannah can actually be fairly pleasant when she chooses. [Hannah: Gee, thanks.] She’s also good with the characters, functioning as a kind of camp counselor for them: helping them figure out their personalities, troubleshooting when the plots go astray, etc. 

You can find other posts in which Hannah makes an appearance Here, if you’re interested 🙂 

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