Weekend Coffee Share – Come Hygge with me



If we were having coffee this weekend, it would be my favorite part of the week. I would chat with you about the ‘hygge’ lifestyle I’d recently learned about. Truly, comfort and coziness have always been my top priorities, but it’s nice to know there’s a word for my ideal home. I would have extra blankets and fuzzy socks available if you wanted them, and we would curl up on my couch as we talked.

I would take a while to get around to the important stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty going on, but lately I’ve been focusing on savoring the small moments. I would be drinking a special blend of loose-leaf tea (white peach), and would happily share all the tips I’d leaned on brewing. If you seemed interested, I may even take you over to my tea corner and show you all of my infusers and little tins of leaves.

I would tell you my life is in a good place right now, and I’m grateful for that. I have a few projects I’m working on, but none of them with deadlines that require stress or rushing. One such project is the audiobook version of The Bard’s Choice.

I’ve already approved the files, and think they’re just gorgeous. “It’s one thing for me to love my characters and imagine their voices in my head, but hearing someone else take on their personalities, their tones and inflections… it’s just the coolest feeling!”

I would also point out the wooden triangles in my living room. “See those? I’m building some shelves for my convention tables. I’ll be painting them later today.” I would sip my tea for a moment before musing, “It’s really nice to build something. Writing is so cerebral. Physically creating something is such a nice counterweight to all of the work I’m doing with books.”


You would be welcome to stay for as long as you wanted. I would be in no hurry. Yes, in general, I am still working hard towards my goals, but right now would be a moment of relaxing and recharging. I would want to savor the tea and the coziness and your fine company for as long as possible.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee this weekend?

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